Meet the Band

Rick Rhodes

Rick Rhodes: Banjo and Vocals

Following his dad’s legacy, Rick learned to finger pick, and by the time he graduated from high school he was skilled in folk, classical and rhythm guitar. He got hooked on bass and played in country and country rock bands – but in 2000 his wife “made a huge mistake and gave me a five-string banjo for Christmas. It was all downhill from there!” Rick is a past chairman of the Arizona Bluegrass Association.

Alan Lister

Alan Rocco Lister: Guitar and Vocals

Alan plays the guitar – but what you’ll notice most about him is that he can really, really sing. Alan wrote the band’s favorite waltz, “Somewhere Tonight.” Before joining North of Lonesome, Alan was a member of Biscuit Brothers, Country Crossing, and a founding member of the Fireside Bluegrass gospel band. He’s all about bluegrass and classic country.

Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis: Resonator Guitar

Scott’s Facebook member summary reads “There are no active restrictions on Scott.” Pretty much sums it up.

Mike Seymour

Mike Seymour: Mandolin

Yup, he’s a mystery to us, too – but he sure can play that thing.

Kate Fox

Kate Fox: Bass and Vocals

Kate sings a little and writes a little, but she’s happiest when she can just stand in the back and thump on that old Kay bass of hers. She’s also been known to play the autoharp in public.